Reference & Prints

   Designing our straw bale house was exhausting at times. It was the first time I designing a complete set of working plans that would need to be approved by an licensed engineer followed by the local planning board and the county inspectors office. So from November of 2008 until January of 2009 I spent countless hours drawing and redrawing on a CAD program I had recently learned. My originally plans were with pencil and paper since that is what I was familiar with having taken some drafting courses in High School.  In the end though, learning to design on the computer was faster and easier. Even though the drafting was a challenge at times, I had the advantage of building from blueprints for many years.

   At times I referenced I use prints from some of the houses I had recently worked on. I also had a solid library of books that covered timber frame joinery, straw bale construction, and plaster in great detail.

   Below are eight books I couldn't have done without.