When I was growing up my Uncle had an entire wall in his house dedicated to the many photos he had taken over the years. They were photos you would expect to see;  family, friends, and his old dog - a few from his time spent overseas and even a few photos of me and my siblings. He was a good photographer and they represented his life well. They told his story visually and it gave my uncle a depth of character I probably wouldn't have known otherwise. It was powerful and it left its mark on me.            

In my junior high school we were fortunate enough to have a fully functioning darkroom where I first learned how to use a camera and develop film. I purchased my first slr camera when I was 18 and that led to a photography class in college but it never went any further from there. At 19 my creative outlet shifted to music so I put the camera down and joined a band. It wasn't until recently I picked up my first dslr camera and began shooting again. At first I was taking pictures for the sole purpose of documentingwhileFast forward a few years later to my mid twenties, and I was breaking my back building custom homes.  I truly loved building (still do) but I knew it couldn't last forever so when the time came to make my own house my last big build, I picked up the camera again and began to document the process. P\Aftera short timehotography would slowly become my main creative ouOnly this time my camera was digital and it never left my side. Over the course of a year of building II had rediscovered photography.

I started taking photos because I was terrified to forget the details of my daughters life as she grew.


"Truth be told..."

•- A Typical Shoot -•

Truth be told, I am a candid photographer. It's what I prefer. I enjoy taking those photos of the unscripted parts of life - watching ans waiting as they unfold.  Yes, I may ask you to climb to the top of a hill, or stand perfectly center against an unassuming wall, but typically it is the moments surrounding the pose that are most memorable and meaningful. With little direction, I let poses naturally evolve or unravel. These are the moments you'll cherish forever because they are real. And those are two things we all generally want - forever and real.


We can shoot at your home or any location of your choice.

Portraits, Family Portraits, Lifestyle, Architectural, and Events. Let's keep it simple. Outside of these, please double check before purchasing.

•- My pricing is simple as well -•

I charge an hourly rate for any and all types of photo shoots with weddings being the exception. For weddings I like to do a fixed rate making it